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updated July 2015

The storms and floods  of 2014 - a slowly developing disaster.
A wake up call to Britain as Katrina was to the States and the tsunami to Japan.  A time to reassess our relationship with the environment.




The Concept of Development  

This feature places architecture in the wider context of the call for resilient cities, following earthquakes, storms, urban riots, the continuing growth of megacities, and how to respond to failing cities. All this is in the context of limits to growth, the current continuing global economic and financial crises, not to mention global warming and resource depletion.

This feature sets out the Bible's concept of development.

It continues the major new feature on The Mission of Architecture which began with The Christian Approach to Architecture 1975-2010.

NEWS  -  following various terrorist attacks in June, and the decision to commission a memorial to the British tourists killed this feature is very relevant.
Memorial Architecture  - inspired by Richard III

Now updated with more photographs, 
Denys Lasdun - a Paradigm of the Modern Movement in Britain

Going to Israel? or looking for an MA topic? See Antonio Barluzzi -  the architect who designed most of the Pilgrimage Churches in the Holy Land. No-one has yet written a book on his work in spite of the sanctuaries being acknowledged masterpieces.

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