why the X in arXitecture?


X is the Greek letter Chi for Christ, the symbol of the Cross and of Generation X

arXitecture is run by Leslie Barker to promote an ethical approach (based on Christianity) to the study and practice of architecture, and to share the Good News of Christianity with other architects, especially those of Generation X onwards. Elsewhere he has called this The Great Commission for Architects.


The Great Commission for Architects


The Great Commission for Architects has three components which interact in a circle which can be joined at any point.

GC is the Great Commission given by Jesus to all his followers Go and make disciples of all nations........teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

CM is the Cultural Mandate developed from God's command to Adam and Eve to tend the garden, to fill the earth and subdue it, making use of its resources in a sustainable way for the equal benefit of all mankind, across the world, for the present and into the future.

CCPD is Continuing Christian Professional Development which applies the teaching of the Bible to professional development, here specifically for architects and planners. It covers not only the process and product but also the people (whether architects or not, professionals or not) who contribute to the built environment.

Leslie Barker is an architect and writer living in Hertfordshire in the UK, and was a founding member and on the committee of the Association of Christians in Planning and Architecture, one of UCCF's professional groups, and now called Christians in Architecture and Planning.

He has been developing a Christian approach to architecture since 1975 when he wrote a student theory dissertation on the subject. After being made redundant in 1992 he took an MSc. in Development Practices at Oxford Brookes University, and developed Nehemiah Education Services, a community enterprise to give talks and training to Christian groups, and provide Christian material for schools and students, particularly regarding architecture, planning and community development.


Leslie's CV can be found on page cv1 and details of Nehemiah Education Services can be found on his personal website


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