Edited by R.J. Berry IVP 2000

The book starts from the Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation made in 1994 following the Rio Earth Summit of 1992, and which has been widely endorsed by church leaders.

The text of the Declaration, which is only a few pages long, is printed in full, and the rest of the book consists of essays by well-known theologians and Christian writers, setting it in context, and commenting on it.

The first essay is actually a reprint of Lynn White's The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis which he wrote in 1966; he blamed Christians and the Bible for the over exploitation of the Earth and set off the debate among Christians on environmental issues. As he is always blamed for this misrepresentation it is useful to know what he actually said.

Other essays also set the context, but the majority comment on the declaration itself, pointing out limitations or building on it. One essay shows its principles being put into practice in a fishing community in Chesapeake Bay, USA, which resulted in the resolution of conflicting aims between conservationists and fishermen.


This book is recommended both as a useful text book on the Declaration and as a good place to begin focusing concern and action on the care of creation, and hence on sustainability in development.


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