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Books - a basic reading list

There are few books specifically on a Christian approach to architecture, but the following, some now quite old, are recommended as basic background reading.

Other books can of course be found in the Annotated Bibliography, still available in its 1987 edition and currently being updated, and in the Community Development section.

New books are reviewed as they are published, but this does still leave a gap between 1987 and 1999 - please send in reviews of your recommended books from this period.


The Bible - preferably in a modern translation


An Annotated Bibliography - Christian Belief and the Built Environment by Leslie Barker, UCCF 1987
Secular Work is Full Time Service by Larry Peabody, CLC 1974
Developing a Christian Mind by Oliver Barclay, IVP 1984

Issues Facing Christians Today

by John Stott, Marshalls 1984

God's People in God's World

by John Gladwin, IVP 1979

Art and Soul: Signposts for Christians in the Arts

by Brand & Chaplin, Solway 1999

The Care of Creation

ed. R.J. Berry, IVP 2000

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