This is an interim bibliography based on my Dissertation of 1994. It is therefore not up to date and lacks websites, but for the moment is better than nothing! An annotated bibliography on community development for churches is currently being (slowly) transferred from a card index to computer. For the results so far.......arx29g.htm

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ORGANISATIONS (phone codes have been updated but numbers not checked)

Acton Homeless Concern

Emmaus House

1 Berrymead Gardens

London W3 8AA

020 8992 5768


155a Kings Road


London SW3 5TX

020 7352 2033

BCC Community Work Resource Unit

Inter Church House

35-41 Lower Marsh

London SE1 7RL

020 7660 4444

Catholic Housing Aid Society

189a Old Brompton Road

London SW5 0AR

020 7373 4961


Child Poverty Action Group

4th floor

1-5 Bath Street

London EC1V 9PY

020 7253 3406

Christian Community Development Association

PO Box 459

Angels Camp

CA 95221


Christian Impact (now LICC)

St.Peters Church

Vere Street


Church Action on Poverty

Central Buildings

Oldham Street

Manchester M1 1JT

0161 236 9321

Churches' National Housing Coalition

Central Buildings

Oldham Street

Manchester M1 1JT

0161 236 9321

Community Development Foundation

60 Highbury Grove

London N5 2AG

020 7226 5375

Community Development Journal

Journals Subscription Dept.

Oxford University Press

Pinkhill House

Southfield Road

Eynsham, Oxon. OX8 1JJ


Evangelical Alliance

Whitefield House

186 Kennington Park Road

London SE11 4BT

020 7582 0228

Evangelical Coalition for Urban Mission

130 City Road

London EC1V 2NJ

020 7782 0013

Habitat for Humanity Inc.

419 West Church Street


Georgia 31709


Institute for Community and Development Studies

663 Barking Road

London E13 9EX

020 8503 4269

London Institute for Contemporary Christianity

St. Peters Church

Vere Street

London W1G 0DQ

020 7399 9555


Methodist Department of Social Responsibility

Central Buildings


London SW1H 9NU

020 7222 8010

National Association of Christian Communities and Networks


1046 Bristol Road

Selly Oak

Birmingham B29 6LJ

0121 472 8079

National Council of Voluntary Organisations

Regents Wharf

8 All Saints Street

London N1 9RL

020 7713 6161


National Federation of Community Organisations

8-9 Upper Street

London N1 0PQ

020 7226 0189

Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation

Suite 23-5 Horsehay House


Telford TF4 3PY

01952 503628

Newham Community Renewal Programme

170 Harold Road

London E13 0SE

020 8472 2785

Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

St.Philip and St.James Church

PO Box 70

Woodstock Road

Oxford OX2 6HB

01865 56071

Scripture Union

130 City Road

London EC1V 2NJ

Shaftesbury Project

now amalgamated with LICC


88 Old Street

London EC1V 9HU

020 7253 0202

Standing Conference on Community Development

356 Glossop Road

Sheffield S10 2HW

0114 701708

Third Way

St. Peter's

Sumner Road


Middlesex HA2 4BX

020 8423 8494



Trinity House

4 chapel Court

Borough High Street

London SE1 1HW

020 7403 8686

The William Temple Foudation

Manchester Business School

Manchester M15 6PB

0161 275 6533

World Vision UK

Dychurch House

8 Abington Street

Northampton NN1 2AJ

0604 22964


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