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Why do we Build?

A thought provoking article which claims that two major reasons for building are for worship and defence - illustrating man's spiritual but sinful nature.

Who are We?

At an exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects on Manifesto: Fifty Years of British Radicals the curators ended their introduction with 
The most radical asks not only 'What is architecture?' but 'Who am I?'

The Bible on Building

There is no specific chapter in the Bible for architects, nor for anyone else; it is all there for everyone and  gives general principles, not  detailed instructions.

However there are architectural events in the Bible and we can learn from the particular points they are making, though the subject is usually a wider one than architecture or building 

Can there be a Christian Architecture?

This basic question was addressed by Prof. Robert McLeod at the Arts Centre Group's annual lecture in 1996.

A Christian Approach to Architecture

This article now gives a brief history of a Christian approach to architecture, shows how each major doctrine is relevant to architecture, and applies some Christian principles to it.

A Theology of Place

Places are important architecturally, in planning, in everyday life - meeting places, symbolic places, territorial space, a favourite armchair. The concept of 'place' is socially and psychologically important.

Sustainable Architecture

Increasingly the secular establishment is realising that how people live, and hence use resources, is based ultimately on their spiritual values.

This  study looks at the Bible's teaching on the use of resources.

Community Development

This full length study looks at The Nehemiah Approach to Community Development by Churches under Biblical themes, the example of Nehemiah, New Testament applications, and applying them today. It has an extensive bibliography.

Who is Jesus?

The man who shared Trafalgar Square with Admiral Lord Nelson for a brief spell in 2000 to celebrate the Millennium.

For a contemporary answer to this perennial question, which has so many answers......



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