What the Architects' Journal said about the original arXitecture website

As editor of arxitecture.org.uk I emailed Sutherland Lyall who writes a weekly aj+.column, asking if he had seen this site, which downloads quickly and was simply designed on Word, plus basic photo-editing software, and saved as HTML.

Man Shall Not Live by Download Speed Alone

Crikey, does it ever download quickly. Whooorzzzp, suddenly there it is. And the links to associated pages are just as fast - an exception being the page with an image of the Piazza San Marco. Images, that's what grinds sites to a halt.

There's a lesson here. But it is not only for architects with slow and overly gimmicky and arty sites. The lightning speed and doubtless virtuous contents of this site (Why do we build? A thought provoking presentation by Leslie Barker, Paul Hyett facing the challenges of the new century and Bob McLeod on Can there be a Christian architecture?) don't actually remove the need for a modicum of design. The fact is that the basic tools used here could have produced a terrifically elegant and simple site. I fear it is not. Blindingly fast but lumpy.

So watch out for an elegant makeover without loss of speed; and to you graphic designers out there send in your ideas on an ecard, or better still as a web page template!

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