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At an exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects on Manifesto: Fifty Years of British Radicals the curators ended their introduction with

The most radical asks not only 'What is architecture?' but 'Who am I?'

Many people question the purpose of life; who are we? where are we going?

We have life and purpose. We are real not virtual. We are made for relationships, not just over the internet but face to face.

The Bible answers our deepest questions and makes sense of our experiences.

We are made in God's image to relate to Him and to one another; to be creative as architects and designers at whatever level; and to manage the earth's resources for the mutual benefit of all peoples. We have responsibilities, duties, as well as rights; and our greatest right is actually to be adopted as children of God!

The opening chapters of the Bible describe God creating the earth, and of making mankind, both male and female, to look after and enjoy it and one another. By chapter three we have messed it up by ignoring the Maker's instructions, and have been expelled from the Garden of Eden and cut off from a relationship with God.

The rest of the Bible is about God's plan to rescue the human race. At first man goes from worse to worse and God destroys everyone except Noah and his family. Later He chooses one of his descendants, Abraham to found a people whom He prepares for the coming of His Son who will redeem and restore mankind.

To cut a long story short the gospels (good news) in the New Testament section of the Bible tell of God's Son, Jesus Christ, as the Redeemer (Restorer). He fulfils the prophecies about Him in the Old Testament, hence proving his credentials, but is unjustly executed by the Roman authorities. As the Son of God, and being entirely innocent, He is raised to new life having paid the penalty for everyone else's wrongdoings and failures - what the Bible calls sin.

So who am I?

One whom God created and loves; one for whom Jesus Christ died; one who can be forgiven for our past, and enjoy new life now in a restored relationship with God - if only we would simply accept the fact.

No-one, not even God expects us to become a Christian, a disciple of Jesus, from reading just one web page.


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