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History is dated from the birth of Jesus Christ (not quite accurately as we have messed up the calendar as well) 2000 years ago. Whatever we believe about him it is due to Him that there were Millennium celebrations.

Jesus Christ did not just appear from nowhere. The Old Testament in the Bible is an account of God's dealing with mankind right from the time of creation. Creation was made through Jesus Christ and for Him. That is one reason why He is called Lord.

The Old Testament records how God prepared a nation, the Jews, to receive the Messiah (Christ in Greek, Anointed One in English).

Prophecies were given which only the Messiah could fulfil, so we can be certain that Jesus is the promised Messiah.

Most of the first Christians were Jews, and three out of the four gospels (biographies of Jesus) were written by Jews.

Matthew's gospel in particular explains how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies concerning the Messiah. Matthew was one of Jesus' first followers.

John wrote a more spiritual account, quoting Jesus at length, so appeals especially to religious people.

Luke was not a Jew but a European, a westerner, who travelled with Paul on some of his missionary journeys. He checked all his facts and wrote an historical account of Jesus' life, and followed it up with The Acts of the Apostles, which is an account of the early church and Paul's church planting work.

Mark was a teenager who witnessed Jesus' arrest, fled like the rest of the disciples, heard Jesus' story from Peter, later deserted Paul while on a missionary journey, but wrote a short account of Jesus' life for city dwellers in a hurry!

All four writers proclaimed that Jesus was the Son of God, the perfect Man who did no wrong, but through his death paid the penalty for our crimes, failures, and disobedience to God. Jesus died to restore us, reconcile us to God, to each other (across all ethnic boundaries and political barriers), and to creation. To prove the point and prove He is God He rose from the dead.

Christians are simply people who have accepted Jesus Christ's free gift of eternal life, the born again cliché though Jesus' own phrase, and are now disciples (learners) seeking, however imperfectly, to follow Him and obey His teaching as set out in the gospels, and epistles (letters) to the first churches.
Christianity is about enjoying a restored personal relationship with your Maker


This is what Christians have believed for the past two millennia, whether Celtic saints, puritan fathers, or Billy Graham. Don't take our word for it, but read it with an open mind for yourself -then taste and see!

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