Thinkers for Architects

Routledge is currently publishing a series of books on Thinkers for Architects

Each volume reflects on how a key philosopher’s work is relevant to architectural theory. Many architects are aware of Derrida influencing the deconstructivist style, and the volume on him looks afresh at the implications of his thinking for architecture.

Other philosophers, such as Foucault have written directly about architecture, but many others such as Heidegger and Deleuze & Guattari have influenced architectural design. Indeed any world view, whether religious, humanist or atheist, will have its influence on architectural design in terms of aesthetics and planning.

This website promotes an ethical approach to architecture based on the Judaeo-Christian tradition, and explains the difference of this approach from a humanist one. The Routledge series covers philosophers in these and other traditions:-

Architects have often looked to philosophers and theorists from beyond the discipline for design inspiration or in search of a critical framework for practice. This original series offers quick, clear introductions to key thinkers who have written about architecture and whose work can yield insights for designers. Each book reflects upon what a thinker has to offer for architects, locates their architectural thinking in the context of their work, introduces significant texts, helps decode terms, and provides quick reference for further reading.

The complete list of books is:-

Deleuze & Guattari for Architects by Andrew Ballantyne, 2007.

Heidegger for Architects by Adam Sharr, 2007.

Irigaray for Architects by Peg Rawes, 2007.

Bhabha for Architects by Felipe Hernandez, 2010.

Bourdieu for Architects by Helena Webster, 2010.

Benjamin for Architects by Brian Elliott, 2010.

Derrida for Architects by Richard Coyne, 2011.

Gadamer for Architects by Paul Kidder, 2012.

Foucault for Architects by Gordana Fontana-Giusti, April 2013.

Goodman for Architects by Remei Capdevila Werning, September 2013.

Kant for Architects by Diane Morgan, January 2014.

Lefebvre for Architects by Nathaniel Coleman, January 2014.

Baudrillard for Architects by Francesco Proto, January 2014.

Merleau-Ponty for Architects by Jonathan Hale, January 2014.

For more information see the Routledge website,, and for arXitecture’s Christian approach see arx.500 Why a Christian approach?


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