A letter from arXitecture's editor published by The Big Issue March 3-9 2014 following the winter storms of December 2013 - February 2014.





The Prime Minister belatedly called them a wake up call for water management. But that does not go far enough. As Hurricane Katrina was a wake up call to aspects of American life, and the Japanese tsunami to their national philosophy, so too the slowly developing flood disaster should be a wake up call to our relationship with the natural and built environments.

Whether global warming is manmade or not we need to respond to changing weather patterns and our lifestyles and infrastructure must be resilient to them.

Furthermore the unexpected way in which the economy is or is not recovering, and the near collapse of the global economy in 2008 should lead us to reconsider going back to "business as usual."

However in spite of all our advances, especially in digital technology even over the last five years while in the recession, many people are scientifically illiterate or morally ignorant.

Both science and religion are required to understand and make sense of our world, and hence to formulate policies and make practical decisions.

As a Christian I believe that though the Earth is subject to natural disasters there is hope for us in that if we seek Godís kingdom first then all our human needs will be met.


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