The Bible


Why read the Bible?  

God speaks to us through the Bible

God reveals Himself through the Bible

We come to know Him and Jesus

We learn about the history of God’s people

God gives us guidance


It is therefore important to read the whole Bible, and this can be accomplished in a year by reading about three chapters per day. However to begin at Genesis chapter 1 and read through to Revelation chapter 22 is very hard going and not helpful.


A good way to read the Bible is to take three passages per day, one from the Old Testament Law, and one from the Prophecies, interspersed with psalms, and one from the New Testament. This is much easier to read and gives a balance of reading from the beginning.


 Reading Schedules for downloading or printing off:-
January – March

April – June

July – September

October – December

You may of course start anywhere in the Schedule at any time

Some useful books on the Bible

Why Trust the Bible
by A Orr-Ewing, IVP 2005

The Lion Handbook to the Bible

Essential 100 – Your Way into the Heart of the Bible by W T Kuniholm, Scripture Union 2004

The History of Christian Thought by J Hill, Lion 2003


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